While winter may be the season we are most known for, here in Timmins, we have the twelve days of summer as well… The twelve days of summer are delightfully celebrated by a weekly concert series at Timmins busiest park. Every wednesday night, the sounds of children, cheers and the familiar buzz of northern mosquitoes, greet the talented groups and artists of the region who have been chosen to perform. For the past 3 years, young and old alike gather on blankets and for the lucky ones, lawn chairs, filling the Hollinger Park with support and energy. What began as an effort to highlight the talent, has become a social outting drawing a larger and larger audience each year, regardless of the diverse music styles that areshowcased each week.

Having performed myself many times, I can share the unique perspective from both sides of the event. The Summer Concert Series of Timmins has been an inspiring opportunity for local singers and groups. Seeing neighbours, acquaintances and children dancing and cartwheeling in front of the stage with smiles, justifies why we enjoy living in a smaller community. There is a freedom and openness in this event that reminds you that moments like these are the memories that last a lifetime.

Thank you Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World 2nd blog challenge!!

Written by: Celeste Levis
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