The commercial starts with that deep masculin sexy voice that only wrestling announcers possess.

“Picture this… It’s  the moment you’ve all been waiting and sweating for. It’s the DUH DUH DUUUUUUH…. Miss Teen Canada World Bathing Suit Competition. Your jam “Get Lucky” is playing in the background, you’re strutting what your mama gave you and all eyes are on you. Yes, they know where you’re from…because of your sash of course. But do they really know who you are??”

That’s when a little voice in the crowd asks audibly “Who’s that girl mama?” 

The whispers turn into an anxious hush across the crowd and finally into a deafening and uncomfortable silence as the music accompanying her also winds to a halt simultaneously.

Oh no. What is she gonna do you ask? Well, she’s going to lift up the object that she has been artfully flitting behind her as she sashayed across the stage.

You would think this would be a moment of fear and despair… but every Miss Teen World candidate is prepared for moments exactly like these. Without so much as a pause in her step, like a bull fighter at the ready, she whips out her cape…wait no…her PERSONALIZED BATH TOWEL!

Emblazoned in the fluffy white fabric is her name.

“Why, my name is insert girl name here!” 

Sexy Man Voice Announcer: “Oh, thats right! You’re “insert girl name here” because its written on your ….

Then everyone in the crowd chants “personalized bath towel“!!

The crowd erupts into applause and the music begins again! Everyone knows and will remember who this girl is 😉


Written by: Celeste Levis
Posted On: Categories:Miss Teenage Timmins

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