They say that the world could me described as a book, and that each new life experience commences a new chapter. So is it true that we haven’t truly lived without travelling to see and experience what the beauty of our world has to offer? Not necessarily…But it sure helps!!

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To add to all that, S-Trip! has now so generously offered the Miss Teen Canada World delegates the opportunity of a lifetime! Not only will someone be crowned Miss Teen Canada World but… Drum roll please… the Social Media Queen will be chosen as well!

So let’s kick things off right and create a little bit of an image for you… hmmm what is my dream vacation? Sitting down at a nice little french restaurant on the market with your friends, snacking on some fresh cheese and baguettes, watching as the people walk by with no care or worry in the world. Oh… do you hear that?? Beautiful live music playing in the background as an artist captures the happiness and freedom expressed on your sun-kissed face. We must be sitting at an outdoor bistro in Paris! Imagine how animated our voices would be, lightly evoking glares from the elegant parisians surrounding us 😉 

This city of lights lives and breathes art and culture. At every street corner, the architecture, the smells and the sounds evoke memories of days long ago during the renaissance. Europe in general has a strong hold in the history books and it takes little else than a stroll around Les Champs Élisées or perhaps an evening on the hill on MontMartre for the dream to be a complete reality. Its one thing to learn art history from the classroom and another to have the unimaginable thrill of standing in front of this beautiful painting from long ago. Examining and discussing with friends the intricacies of each brush stroke at an arms length distance. That is passion at its finest.

Paris is a city where artist’s dreams become reality. The present mixes with the past and everywhere you linger leaves an indelible mark on your spirit. There was a time where illness left me bedridden and my artistic skills became the only escape from a difficult reality. As they say, when one part of you is taken away the other senses heighten, in my case, the need to express myself became overwhelming and escaped on canvas and through music. This is the time I produced my largest amount of paintings, drawings and songs. While a difficult time, my artistic growth augmented my need for expression, which would not have developed otherwise. I imagine myself on the grass under the Eiffel Tower with my most favourite people in the world (and Justin Bieber could always join if he wanted too, i have no problem with that) , thinking back on my experiences, appreciating that everything happens for a reason and creating my masterpiece, whether art or song. Even better, my guitar in hand mixing in with the locals, sharing what I have with them, and they with me.

Knowing my group of girlfriends… OMG shopping!

Who wouldn’t enjoy huge malls and high fashioned boutiques?! I can assure you we would do some damage 😉 And then of course an opera or a musical would be in the books for the evening! Imagine how elegant we would make ourselves to blend in with parisian society. The Metro would be an experience of its own, probably best explored “en groupe”.

This trip would in some ways be a return to my roots, exploring the french language in a different setting and enriching my culture and my passions through exploring all that the city has to offer.  Perhaps we could even over look the Seine, on a bridge covered in the padlocks of couples before us. Who knows…I might even fall in love 😉 it is the city of love isn’t it? Fingers crossed! 


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Written by: Celeste Levis
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